Helvetic Vape News – September 2018

12 September 2018

Need reinforcement as the struggle continues

Personal life’ events and weariness after five years of struggle, with difficulties and progress, make that the Committee is currently understaffed to face all its tasks. For example, we cannot translate this bulletin in German, and we have to put an English version instead (the French and Italian versions are availables). We remind you that it is possible to invest as an active member in the association. Local coordinators could be a precious help as there’s move in cantonal level.

In Romandie

The anti-harm reduction lobby worked behind the scenes to convince authorities in several romands cantons to take measures against vaping. In Wallis, the Grand Council passed a law amendment banning the sale and delivery of “tobacco products, nicotine products, electronic cigarettes and legal cannabis to young people under 18”. No consultation of Helvetic Vape has been made by the authorities who do not seem to be aware of the practical implications of this text.

The Geneva and Vaud authorities have announced similar draft amendments to the law. We are trying to get clarification on the proposed texts and then try to inform the parliamentarians properly about the issues. In particular concerning the rights of citizens to access the harm reduction means and public health consequences, in particular concerning youth, while 38% of 15-25 year olds in Romandie smoke according to the latest official statistics.

In the canton of Fribourg, in response to a question about Philip Morris’s heated cigarette, the State Council announced plans to ban vaping in public places. We do not understand why vaping, for which no health impact for entourage is known, is mingled with the problem of protection against passive smoking, possibly related to heated cigarettes. We remind our members of the importance of decency and politeness to preserve the friendliness of public places.

WHO Tobacco Control COP8 in Geneva from 1 to 6 October

From October 1st to 6th, the World Health Organization (WHO) is organizing its 8th Tobacco Control Summit (FCTC) in Geneva. INNCO, the international network of users of harm reduced nicotined products, of which Helvetic Vape is a member, asked to attend the Summit to represent a voice of users. The FCTC secretariat of the WHO refused without justifying its decision.

Geneva Health Fair

Saturday, October 6 at 3 pm, a representant of Helvetic Vape, will be at the Salon de la santé at Palexpo in Geneva to speak about vaping at the invitation of Dr. Jean-Paul Humair (HUG and Cipret Geneva ). Registration and information on the site of Planète Santé.

ESTxENDS study launched

The ESTxENDS clinical study on quit smoking with vaping, led by Dr. Reto Auer, started in July in Bern. Romands participants will be integrated this autumn. The SRF show 10 vor 10 presented the study.

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